The Draft Annual Business Plan 2019/20 has been developed within an overall planning framework which sets the strategic directions for the Council over the medium and long term and converts these into annual actions and outcomes.

Council uses financial modelling tools to examine the potential impact of its decisions over the long term. The modelling provides a high-level budget framework to guide us when preparing the budget detail and ensure we understand the impact of decisions made today on our future.

This Year's Draft Annual Business Plan

In 2019/20 Council has continued with a strategy that will maintain the operating surplus position it has achieved in ensuring Council continues to be financially sustainable whilst delivering the range of services and infrastructure for affordable rates.

The high level framework for development of the annual budget 2019/20 proposes a rates increase of forecast CPI of 2.1% plus new property growth for which it would deliver:

  • Core services such as maintenance of parks, reserves, roads and community buildings, waste collection and recycling services, development planning and compliance, and provision of five library services throughout the City at a total operating cost (excluding depreciation) of $87m.
  • Additional annual operating initiatives of $2m including economic development and initiatives to support to business, events and activities including an annual program of live events and music at Woodville Town Hall and greening the City projects.
  • A Capital works program investing $25m in capital renewal projects based on adopted Asset Management Plans to ensure we our roads, footpaths, playgrounds and stormwater systems continue to provide effective services.
  • New and upgraded capital infrastructure investing $28.5m to continue Council’s investment in major projects such as the West Beach Rockwall, St Clair Precinct upgrade, West Lakes Community Hub , Woodville road streetscape and revitalisation projects and continuation of flood mitigation stormwater works and landscaping on Port Road.

The Draft Plan included projects for consultation which Council will review against the high level budget parameters in determining the final budget and rates increase. We are consulting on a range of projects and your feedback will help us to decide the priorities in the final budget.

Community Consultation

Consultation on the Draft Annual Business Plan 2019/20 is now closed.

The Draft Annual Business Plan 2019/20 was open for community comment during April and May 2019. A range of ways were available to our community to find out more and have a say, these included:

  • Viewing of the Draft Annual Business Plan.
  • Deputation to Council on Tuesday 23 April 2019 in the Council Chambers.
  • Attendance at our Information Session at the Civic Centre on Friday 3 May 2019.
  • Face book Livestream video on Friday 3 May 2019, this can still be viewed.
  • Community could ask a question.
  • Community could provide a submission via email, post or online.

Written submission were required to be lodged with Council by 5pm on Sunday 5 May 2019.

Endorsed Plan and Summary

The Draft Annual Business Plan and community feedback was considered by the Corporate Services Committee and Council in June and July 2019. The Annual Business Plan and Budget for 2019-20 was endorsed by Council on Monday 8 July 2019. A summary of the Annual Business Plan and Budget 2019-20 is available here.