The City of Charles Sturt has now finalised the community consultation for this project.


The City of Charles Sturt Draft Animal Management Plan 2021 - 2025 was presented and endorsed by Council on 26 October 2020 see the full report here

The finalised Plan has now been approved by the Dog and Cat Management Board and can be accessed here


We encourage residents, ratepayers and businesses to take a look at our draft Animal Management Plan 2021-2025 and provide feedback by 24 August 2020.

The Animal Management Plan (AMP) outlines our vision, strategic themes and actions and sets the direction for the management of domestic animals, principally dogs and cats, within our community for the next 5 years. The AMP will be reviewed annually to ensure it aligns with Council’s strategic directions and emerging animal management trends.

The Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 requires Council to have a management plan for dogs and cats. The plan is an important tool for Council to capture trends in the community, as well as highlight ways we are assisting our community to be aware of their legal obligations for animal management. Council’s current AMP is due to expire at the end of 2020.

The AMP has three key strategic themes - Education, Encouragement and Enforcement - and actions are contained under each theme.

Education is a key priority in changing attitudes and increasing responsible pet ownership in the future. At the same time Council must be proactive in investigating and implementing preventative measures where possible by empowering our community to make sustainable and positive choices on responsible animal ownership which will result in an increase in compliance with policies and regulations.

What this AMP can and can't do

While this document sets out the direction for animal management actions and initiatives for the next 5 years, it is a strategic document which will not amend any by-laws or regulations as a result of its immediate endorsement. Any amendments to by-laws, such as proposed changes to current dog on/off leash areas will undergo specific community consultation and require subsequent endorsement by Council.

How can I view the draft AMP?

For information on the Draft AMP:

How can I comment on the Draft AMP?

Submissions may be lodged in one of three ways:

  • Online by completing the Written Submission form below; or
  • Email and clearly mark as 'Draft AMP - Submission' ; or
  • Post to Dani Scuteri, Project Officer, Public Health and Safety, City of Charles Sturt, PO Box 1, Woodville SA 5011and clearly mark as 'Draft AMP - Submission'.

Submissions must be received by 5pm, Monday 24 August 2020.

Features of the Plan

Features of the Plan
  • Sets the direction for management of owned dogs and cats in our community across the next 5 years.
  • Outlines a range of high-level activities to support responsible and positive choices for pet ownership in Charles Sturt.
  • Aligns with the City of Charles Sturt Community Plan.
  • Sets out key performance indicators for identified actions.
  • Identifies ways to continue to work with our community on prominent animal management is

New Themes

New Strategic Themes

This plan has adopted three strategic themes; namely education, encouragement and enforcement. The actions under each of these themes are to be enacted collectively and are focussed on the responsibilities of the pet owner, the community and Council.

The implementation of the 3 themes in synergy will result in an empowered community. In particular it is anticipated that the knowledge of pet owners will be improved resulting in a responsible and proactive population able to make positive informed choices in respect to animal ownership, and more broadly, the awareness of our whole community on effective animal management practices will be improved.

New Actions

New Actions

New actions have now been organised under the following headings.

  • Working with our Community.
  • Promotion and education of ‘best’ or ‘recommended’ animal management practices.
  • To increase public safety through the reduction of public and environmental nuisance caused by owned dogs and cats.
  • Working on ‘us’.
  • To have healthy active pets and owners in our City.
  • Maximise the desexing, microchipping and registration requirements under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995.
  • Achieve happy dogs through dog socialisation and ethical ‘force-free’ training.
  • Educate and encourage responsible pet ownership.
  • Highlight the potential impacts of domestic animals on natural resources.

AMP Written Submission

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