Asset Management Committee Endorsement

Council has now endorsed the extension for a five year lease term to the National Railway Museum, Inc (NRMI) for the continued operation of the Semaphore Coastal Railway Service.

The minutes for the endorsed Asset Management Committee Item 4.35 can be viewed here.

Consultation Update

The consultation period has now closed and we would like to thank you for your feedback.

Staff will now review the submissions and a report will now be presented to the Asset Management Committee on Monday 20 April, 2020. The Agenda and a copy of the report will be available for viewing after 4:00pm on Thursday 16 April, 2020 and can be viewed here.

Should you wish to make a formal deputation in relation to this matter – please review and complete the deputation request and return to Council before 10am Monday 20 April 2020.

Information relating to making a deputation and forms can be viewed on the link below:

Background Information

Public consultation is being undertaken for the granting of a new term of Lease to the National Railway Museum Incorporated, for the operation of the Semaphore Coastal Tourist Railway (the railway). The Lease will enable the continued operation of the popular railway, a portion of which travels within the boundary of the City of Charles Sturt. Click here to view the map or refer to the document library.

The current Community Land Management Plan relevant to this portion of Land does not note the proposed activity and a consultation is therefore mandatory under the Local Government Act, 1999 before a Lease can be issued.

The National Railway Museum, Incorporated (NRMI) – formerly known as the Port Dock Railway Museum Incorporated – have operated the Semaphore coastal tourist railway for more than 20 years. The railway runs along the coast through Crown Land (the care and control of which is vested in relevant Councils) as well as land owned by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield and the City of Charles Sturt (Council).

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield, City of Charles Sturt and the not-for-profit NRMI have enjoyed a positive working relationship over many years and the railway has become an iconic activity on Adelaide’s beaches. The current formal lease agreement has expired and although the arrangement is in holdover, the relationship should be formalised for the benefit of all parties.

Consultation for Alienation of Land

Council is now seeking your feedback for the proposal to grant a lease to the National Railway Museum Inc for a period of 5 years, the consultation period will close on Wednesday 1 April, 2020 @ 5:00pm.

At this time the relevant Community Land Management Plan - currently under review - does not identify leasing as a pre-approved activity and as such public consultation is mandatory before an Agreement can be offered.

Section 22 of the Crown Land Management Act, 2009 grants permission for the lease of dedicated land without Ministerial consent if:

  • the lease is granted under Section 202 of the Local Government Act, 1999; and
  • the lease does not impact native title; and
  • the lease will not cause development on the land; and
  • the use does not detract from the enjoyment of the land by the public; and
  • the lease does not prevent the land from being used for its purpose (natural features presentation) and
  • is not otherwise considered improper or undesirable by Council

To provide your feedback please click here or written submissions should be sent to:

Commercial Property Management Officer

PO Box 1


To view the full report presented to the Asset Management Committee, please click here.