What is a Smart City?
A Smart City combines the physical and digital worlds to deliver a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for its citizens. Smart Cities attract knowledge, creativity and investment helping to grow the economy.

Our Smart City Plan 2018-2025

The City of Charles Sturt has developed a Draft Smart City Plan that offers us ways to think differently about how services can be delivered.

Our Smart City Plan will help people, organisations and businesses in our local area have the information, skills and capability they need to engage with and benefit from digital technology.

It is not about technology for technology sake, but about how technology is used to help our City function effectively. It builds on the existing foundation of our City and enables us to set a challenging vision and follow a new and effective path into the future. For more information you can:

Share your thoughts and ideas

With people at the heart of our Smart City, we invited you to provide your feedback on our Draft Smart City Plan 2018-2025. There were several ways you could have a say. You could:

  • Provide your online feedback on the Smart City Plan.
  • Add a suggestion or comment on our Ideas Page and be part of the conversation as the City continues our work towards a digital future.
  • Ask staff a question.

Your ideas helped shape our Smart City.

Consultation closed at 5.00pm on Friday 29 June 2018.

Council endorsed the Smart City Plan 2018-2025 at the Council Meeting held on 20 August 2018.