Council recently invited ideas on ways to collectively improve the Henley Beach Library to meet the changing needs of the community, to be progressive and deliver outstanding service.

In a new chapter for the Henley Beach Library, your ideas will help us increase library utilisation and participation. Ideas were invited in relation to one or more of the following:

  • Library collections relevant to your interests (collections may vary in subject matter from childrens books, family history, house and garden; art and craft, and are in a variety of formats such as print, electronic, magazines and audio-visual)
  • Library programs and how we can increase participation
  • Library services and areas for improvement
  • Ideas for mini make-overs of Library spaces
  • Ways to connect with our community.

The key themes generated from our online Ideas Survey and Ideas Café have been reviewed by Council and an initial summary is provided here.

Background and Next Steps

The story so far…

Chapter 1 – A long and successful history - Henley Beach Library has offered a range of important library services to the community over the many years that it has been opened. Today Henley Beach Library has more than 4483 members and regular users.

Chapter 2 – Community support not to move the Library - In 2017, following strong community opinion, Council decided that the Henley Beach Library would remain operating at its current address at 378 Seaview Road, Henley Beach.

What happens next?

Chapter 3 – Open to your ideas – Council invited the local community to make suggestions about what we can do to make the Henley Beach Library the best it can be.

Chapter 4 – Time for some action - We will look at your collection of ideas and map our path forward for the Henley Beach Library. We expect these will be things that can easily be upgraded, improved, renewed or included into the everyday. Some might be quick and easy to do, others may take a little longer to carry out.

Chapter 5 – Sharing the story – We will let the community know about the findings and keep the local community aware of our progress.

Chapter 6 – Life-long learning – Council will continue to listen to community feedback, encourage community ideas, and stay abreast of trends and changes.

Consultation on ideas closed Thursday 12 April 2018.