Draft Findon Road, Kidman Park (North) Mixed Use (Residential and Commercial) Development Plan Amendment (Privately Funded)


The City of Charles Sturt proposes changes to the Charles Sturt Council Development Plan. The focus of the proposal is to rezone land along Findon Road, Kidman Park (North) from an Urban Employment Zone to a Mixed Use Zone to facilitate medium density residential uses and commercial opportunities. The area affected by the rezoning proposal is shaded in red on the map opposite.

Investigations confirm that rezoning the land to a Mixed Use Zone, consistent with the zoning of land to the north, will facilitate a range of medium density residential uses and commercial opportunities. The draft DPA considers preferred building heights, transport, stormwater management, infrastructure and environmental management.

What are the key elements of the rezoning proposal?

  • Rezone the area from an Urban Employment Zone to a Mixed Use Zone under Urban Village Findon Policy Area 9 and Precinct 50 – Village Employment and Living.
  • Amend the Desired Character statement for Urban Village Findon Policy Area 9 and general policies to include:
    • siting and designing sensitive land uses to reduce potential impacts.
    • the need for site contamination investigations at the development proposal stage.
    • consideration of public open space requirements.
    • the desirability of retaining a number of mature trees along the Findon Road frontage.
    • providing an internal road network, linkages and inter-connection of land parcels within the area affected.
    • limiting the height of new development in the area affected to 8.5 metres (up to 2 storeys) within 25 metres of adjacent residential areas in the Residential Zone and Precinct 52 of Urban Village Findon Policy Area 9.
    • recognising that, within the area affected, dwellings can be constructed irrespective of whether they are associated with commercial uses.
  • Apply the Affordable Housing and Noise and Air Emissions Overlays.
  • Amend the existing Concept Plan for Urban Village Findon Policy Area 9 to include the area affected and key design features.

How can I view the DPA and related reports?

For information on the DPA:

Written submission were required to be lodged with Council by 5pm on Thursday 23 May 2019. Submissions have now closed.

A public meeting was held on Monday 17 June 2019 at 6pm at the Civic Centre, Woodville Road, Woodville. Members of the public could attend and make verbal representations in relation to the draft DPA or any public submission.

After the public meeting Council considered all submissions and made recommended changes to the draft DPA. A report was then sent to the Minister for Planning seeking authorisation of the Council approved DPA (Post Consultation). The Minister authorised the amended DPA on 13 February 2020.

Key Dates

Thursday 13 February 2020

DPA Authorised by the Minister for Planning

17 June 2019

Public Meeting to consider verbal representations.

Public Meeting will commence at 6pm. The public meeting may not be held if no submissions are received or if no-one requests to be heard.

23 May 2019

Written submissions close at 5pm.