Woodville Road is changing

In 2010 we asked you what you would like to see in the future. From your ideas we have completed a number of actions to improve the Woodville Road precinct such as re-establishing the Woodville Town Hall as a vibrant entertainment venue and building the new St Clair Recreation Centre.

In 2019 we consulted on the concept design that outlined three more stages to complete the upgrade of the Woodville Road precinct.

Feedback from the consultation has been provided to the project team and will be used to inform the detailed design. View:

  • a snapshot of the key themes from our community consultation; or
  • the Council Report, Item 6.136 presented on 9 December 2019.

On 9 December 2019, Council endorsed the following that:

  • The Woodville Road Streetscape Concept Design Plan be adopted.
  • Assess the possibility of a location swap of the Woodville Library and Council Chamber. A report will be presented to Council in April 2020 for further consideration.
  • An Expression of Interest (EOI) process occur in 2020 for the possible sale and redevelopment of 67‐85 Woodville Road (Stage 2) and a further report be presented to Council.
  • Council commits funding for the following in 2020/21:
    • $150,000 to complete the final detailed design of Stage 1 streetscape works.
    • $380,000 being one‐third of the cost for the undergrounding of the power lines from Norman Street to Port Road.
    • $265,000 being one‐half of the cost to relocate the water main below Woodville Road.
  • Funding of $9.55m be made within the long‐term financial plan for Stage 1 streetscape works in 2021/22.

Three stages of Woodville Road Streetscape Upgrade Project

Each stage may form a standalone project (subject to funding, community feedback and development opportunities), or be delivered at the same time.

Concept design

The concept design aims to:

  • Enhance vehicle movement by maintaining two lanes of traffic in each direction and introducing sheltered right turns to side streets.
  • Improve pedestrian movement, connections and safe crossing points.
  • Increase landscape and greenery including planting in median creating a more appealing streetscape.
  • Provide new commercial and residential development opportunities.
  • Public places that encourage social activity along the street.
  • Opportunities for public art.
  • Maintain on street parking (outside of clearway times).
  • Elements of smart technology such as Wi-Fi, parking signs and CCTV to improve public safety.

For more information go to our document library below.