Woodville Road is changing

In 2010 we asked you what you would like to see in the future. From your ideas we have completed a number of actions to improve the Woodville Road precinct such as re-establishing the Woodville Town Hall as a vibrant entertainment venue and building the new St Clair Recreation Centre.

A concept design now outlines three more stages to complete the upgrade of the Woodville Road precinct. We have done our best to create a design that reflects ideas and feedback gathered over time.

Take a look at our concept design and provide your feedback for Woodville Road by Monday 4 November 2019.

Your feedback will help us develop the final design.

Three stages of Woodville Road Streetscape Upgrade Project

Each stage may form a standalone project (subject to funding, community feedback and development opportunities), or be delivered at the same time.

Concept design

The concept design aims to:

  • Enhance vehicle movement by maintaining two lanes of traffic in each direction and introducing sheltered right turns to side streets.
  • Improve pedestrian movement, connections and safe crossing points.
  • Increase landscape and greenery including planting in median creating a more appealing streetscape.
  • Provide new commercial and residential development opportunities.
  • Public places that encourage social activity along the street.
  • Opportunities for public art.
  • Maintain on street parking (outside of clearway times).
  • Elements of smart technology such as Wi-Fi, parking signs and CCTV to improve public safety.

For more information go to our document library below.


  • Timeline item 1

    2010: Woodville Masterplan prepared and endorsed

    Original Masterplan was created in consultation with our local community.

  • Timeline item 2

    2011: Implementation Strategy prepared

    Implementation Strategy was prepared setting out key actions and priorities.

  • Timeline item 3

    2011-2018: Key Actions Completed

    Key actions such as leasing buildings at 56 and 65 Woodville Road, re-establishment of Woodville Town Hall venue and 50kph speed limit along Woodville Road.

  • Timeline item 4

    2019: Woodville Road Streetscape Concept Design prepared

    The concept design setting out the next stages of works.

  • Timeline item 5

    2019: Community Consultation

    Community consultation on the Woodville Road Streetscape Upgrade Concept Design. Consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 4 November 2019.

  • Timeline item 6

    2020-2021: Design Completed

    Design plans will be completed following community consultation and Council approval.

  • Timeline item 7

    2020-2021: Undergrounding of Powerlines

    Remaining powerlines along Woodville Road will be placed underground improving the look and feel of the streetscape.

  • Timeline item 8

    2021-2022: Construction Commences

    Construction works will commence.