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How can we raise the profile of trees and encourage positive action?

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Ideas for community and business activities

Once the Tree Canopy Improvement Strategy is ready to action we plan a range of different activities with our community and stakeholders. Below are some examples of different ways we can raise the profile of trees, showcase the many benefits trees offer, celebrate great stories and initiatives, encourage positive action and achieve our canopy target.

  • Problem Trees - we appreciate that not all trees are appropriate in all situations. We will take a look at the best and worst trees for different places in our Council area.
  • Tree Personalities - like us, trees express different personalities. Some trees are formal and orderly; others quirky and funny; warm and nurturing; some are even mischievous or hostile. We will explore this further.
  • Guest Speakers - we will continue to invite guest speakers who are expert in their field to talk with us.
  • Profile who is GREENING our City - many amazing people are actively working in our community, we will look at who they are and celebrate what they are doing.
  • Volunteer Drive - we will call on people in our community to volunteer to help us achieve the vision of 25% canopy cover by 2045.
  • Favourite Tree - depending on the results of our Quick Poll, we might run a community activity to grow tree appreciation in our community. The activity would allow anyone in our community to nominate their favourite tree (including a photo) and tell us why it is their favourite. Others can then 'like' nomination. We might run it as a community competition.
  • Tree Stories - an idea to invite our community to share stories about trees in the Council area. For example, it might be a story about a tree planted many years ago by one of your relatives.
  • School Engagement - we are planning on engaging with local schools and our youth.
  • Promote thoughtful development - prepare guidelines that encourage thoughtful development that preserves existing trees and enhances opportunities for new trees.
  • Partnering - work with developers and local businesses to retain existing trees and plant more trees.