Guiding principles and actions

The Draft Tree Canopy Improvement Strategy 2021 - 2045 proposes 41 actions set out under six overarching Guiding Principles:

  1. Plant more trees.
  2. Have a plan and set a target.
  3. Protect more trees.
  4. More tree maintenance and management.
  5. Appreciate trees more.
  6. Monitor and evaluate our progress (and change course if we need to).

All actions are summarised below and can be read in more detail in the Draft Tree Canopy Improvement Strategy 2021 - 2045.

  1. Plant more trees in a programmed manner.
  2. Identify the number of trees that need to be planted to achieve the target.
  3. Develop a planting program.
  4. Identify the resources required.
  5. Prioritise planting areas.
  6. Get growing conditions right.
  7. Review the success of various species.
  8. Ensure we have the right mix of species diversity.
  9. Make sure we plant climate-ready trees.
  10. Trial new species.
  11. Trial different planting and maintenance practices.
  12. Plant the right-sized trees that suit the location.
  13. Review planting typologies.
  1. Endorse the plan and target.
  2. Commit adequate resources.
  3. Undertake modelling.
  4. Identify locations where trees are to be planted.
  1. Adopt and promote the concept that we are custodians of trees for current and future generations.
  2. Advocate for thoughtful design choices.
  3. Monitor impacts on trees of newly updated planning laws.
  4. Retain more trees with education, encouragement and incentives.
  5. Reduce the numbers of trees removed for new driveways.
  6. Advocate for increased tree protections and retentions in legislation.
  7. Create more space and opportunity to plant trees.
  1. Ensure the current practice of inspecting and pruning at least every 3 years is maintained.
  2. Check if any improvements to tree maintenance practices can be made.
  3. Investigate what technology can be used to help us manage our trees.
  4. Review existing tree data and capture more if needed to help manage our tree population.
  5. Make sure we are helping trees at the right time when they aren't doing so well.
  6. Engage our community to spot the signs of tree stress and what they can do to help.
  7. Look at how we plan to replace trees as they get to the end of their life.
  8. Help trees live and thrive as long as possible.
  1. Develop and implement a range of engagement tools.
  2. Educate our community about the work Council does to maintain and enhance our tree canopy.
  3. Develop and implement a long-term communications strategy to educate and engage our community.
  4. Value our green assets on par with grey assets.
  5. Educate Council staff and stakeholders.
  1. Develop a monitoring and evaluation plan.
  2. Measure progress.
  3. Measure tree canopy cover every 5 years.
  4. Review and update the plan every 5 years.