Project Update

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our consultation and attended our Growing Green Forum.

We will now review all the feedback received to develop and finalise our Tree Canopy Improvement Strategy 2021-2045 and prepare a report to Council.

News Update - Growing Green Community Forum

Sophie Thomson will be a special guest presenter at our Community Forum on Wednesday 25 August 2021. There are still a few spots left register below to attend.


Help us make the City of Charles Sturt greener, cooler, healthier and an even better place to live.

Our City is getting hotter from the impacts of climate change and the urban heat island effect. Trees provide cooling benefits, reduce heat-related illness, reflect heat and actively cool and clean the air. People need trees for their health and mental well-being. Trees also provide a sense of place and are critical to achieving biodiversity conservation.

Planting trees is an investment in the future of our City. The mature trees we enjoy today and benefit from today, were planted by those generations before us, many decades ago.

We propose an extended and intensive tree planting programme over many decades and we look forward to working with everyone in our community to grow the tree canopy across our City.

Our target is to reach a tree canopy cover of 25% by 2045.

This is an ambitious target and one that Council is keen to lead. To meet this target we will need to work with residents, landholders, businesses and developers as a lot of the land within our Council area is privately owned.

We can achieve 25% by 2045 if we work together to GROW our tree canopy cover.

Tree canopy decline

Overall tree canopy is in decline and we need a Tree Canopy Improvement Strategy that will provide a planned approach to arrest this decline and help us reach our target of 25% cover by 2045.

The diagram below shows that the City's tree canopy cover had decreased from a peak of 15.51% in 2008 to 13.84% in 2020. Our tree canopy cover is currently lower than most local government areas in metropolitan Adelaide.

Learn more about tree canopy decline.

Changes to canopy cover between 1998 and 2020

What do we mean by tree canopy cover?

Tree Canopy cover is the amount of cover the crown of the tree provides over an area of land when seen from above. It is usually expressed as a percentage of or square metres. As an individual tree grows and the crown expands, the canopy cover increases. When all the trees in an area such as a Council are measured, this gives us the tree canopy cover measure of a City.

Our Tree Canopy Improvement Strategy 2021 - 2045

Our Draft Tree Canopy Improvement Strategy provides a framework to deliver long-term, sustainable, and significant gains to the urban forest.

The City of Charles Sturt has an extensive, healthy, diverse and sustainable urban forest which grows to reach a City-wide canopy cover target of 25% by 2045.
Our GROWING GREEN Commitment
We will achieve this vision by increasing resources with a dedicated focus on planting more trees, whilst maintaining, protecting and retaining our existing trees, and engaging our community to enable action to protect and retain trees in both the public and private realm.
Our six GROWING GREEN Guiding Principles

Read our Draft Tree Canopy Improvement Strategy 2021 - 2045 for more information.

  1. Plant more trees.
  2. Have a plan and set a target.
  3. Protect more trees.
  4. More tree maintenance and management.
  5. Appreciate trees more.
  6. Monitor and evaluate our progress (and change course if we need to).

The Tree Canopy Improvement Strategy contains 41 Actions.

Community Consultation - have your say!

There are a range of ways you can read about our Tree Canopy Improvement Strategy and provide your feedback.

Online at Your Say Charles Sturt (using a smart phone, iPad or computer)

Attend our Growing Green Community Forum

  • Wednesday 25 August 2021, 6.00pm to 7.30pm. Registration to this event is essential as this will enable us to contact attendees should the event need to be postponed, or modified to an online forum, due to COVID restrictions. Register here.

Visit our Civic Centre, or one of our Libraries and Community Centres

  • View the Draft Tree Canopy Improvement Strategy 2021 - 2045.
  • View the summary fact sheet.
  • Collect a hardcopy survey form.


  • Email your written submission addressed to Mark Hannan at and include the subject heading "Draft Tree Canopy Improvement Strategy".


  • Ask us if you would like us to post you a hard copy of the Draft Strategy.
  • Post your written submission addressed to the CEO, City of Charles Sturt, PO Box 1, Woodville SA 5011, Attention Mark Hannan. (If you choose to post your submission to Council we ask that you allow sufficient time for the postal delivery service so that your submission arrives at our Offices by the closing date).

Consultation closes at 5pm on Sunday 5 September 2021.

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