Why is the road being rehabilitated?

The section of Sportsmans Drive between Brebner Drive and St Andrews Way is reaching the end of its life. The road rehabilitation / reconstruction program is developed from Road Asset Management Plan which incorporates condition assessment and customer requests.The works priority is based on the condition assessment rating. 

For more detailed information on the construction of a road, you can refer to the fact sheet in the document library. 

What happens with my comments?

Comments submitted will be considered by the project team and adjustments made to the plan if appropriate and deemed necessary.

Why are the bike lanes full time?

Bicycle lanes often have time limits and only operate during peak times when they lead to or from the city and there are competing demands for road space for parking vehicles. This ensures the safety of all road users during the peak times when the number of riders and drivers is highest, while still providing on-street parking for businesses and residents outside of peak times. Sportsmans Drive is not an obvious commuter route and people ride bikes there at all times of the day and weekend.  We want to encourage more active travel, and so have developed a scheme where the bicycle lanes can be full time, while still providing car parking wherever the verge width enables.

Why is there no parking near my home?

Parking bays have been included wherever there was room between the roadway and the existing path. The verge is not wide enough to incorporate more parking bays in other locations.

When will the works be completed?

We anticipate the construction to be completed by March 2020.