Help shape the future of your street!

We want to work together with you, the local community in Renown Park, to help shape the way you use your local streets, making them greener, walkable and safer for all users. Streets and public places are most successful when the community have the opportunity to influence decisions about them. This is why we want your involvement in the design process.

About the Project

The following streets within the suburb of Renown Park are listed for road reconstruction within the next 4 years:

  • Wright Street (from Torrens Road to Lamont Street)
  • Tait Street (from South Road to Harrison Road)
  • Bishop Street (from South Road to Harrison Road)
  • Blight Street (Torrens Road to Harrison Road)

  • This provides you with an opportunity to think about how you would like to use your street and provide feedback to us.

    What is Living Streets?

    Living Streets is about re-thinking the design of your street and neighbourhood to prioritise people, whether it be as a walker, bike rider, driver or for play. In the past local streets were once places for neighbours to gather and talk, they allowed kids to play without the feeling of being unsafe.

    These days some streets can be car dominated, congested, unsafe and have little space for landscaping and activities such as walking or play.

    By re-imagining your street, it allows you to take back what once was yours and create places to come together and spend time.

    Design ideas for your street could be:

    ♥ Creative artwork

    ♥ Places to sit and rest

    ♥ Wider verges

    ♥ Spaces for kids to play and neighbours to gather

    ♥ Links to ride

    ♥ Safer crossing points

    ♥ Greener streets with more landscaping and tree planting

    ♥ Additions to slow traffic

    ♥ Future use of land in the area

    Your feedback from Stage 1 of consultation will shape concept design for these Living Streets. In early 2020 we will come back to you with these designs for further input.

    Let's work together!

    We want to work with all age groups, including young people (12-25 year olds)

    ° Become a 'Living Street Champion' and work with a small group of residents and help us to develop ideas.

    ° Attend one of our interactive Community Workshops

    ° Attend the Community Open Day

    ° View our design ideas wall! Like or dislike them and add your comments, OR add your own suggestions!

    ° Complete our online survey below

    ° Request a printed copy of our survey by calling us on 8408 1270.

    Consultation closes 5pm Monday 2 December 2019.