Is there a current environmental plan?


Council’s Environmental Plan (Towards One Planet Living 2008-2013) is coming to its final stages and is due to be replaced with new directions to guide Council in environmental management.

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What achievements have been made to date?

There have been many achievements up to now, and we are keen to further develop our reputation as an environmentally progressive Council.

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What is the aim of this consultation?

A community driven approach is being taken to develop the Living Green Plan via  ideas gathering, workshops on developing actions, and detailed discussions.

Initial conversations with 20 people including community activists, Council staff and State Agencies, helped determine the themes and preliminary ideas for the Living Green plan. These need to be tested and expanded by consultation with the broader community, as well as considered in detail for determining how ideas can grow into reality.

What have you already heard from the community?

Initial discussions highlighted the importance of links between environmental issues, the local community and the local economy. They covered topics from the built environment to community gardens to advocacy with the State and Federal governments to local economies and the natural environment. Similarly the links between water and energy management, climate change, biodiversity and waste were highlighted. Our challenge is to develop a plan which respects these inter-dependencies.

Based on this, a structure which focuses on people, buildings and the natural environment is proposed while covering the environmental pillars of biodiversity, water, energy and waste.

Whats involved in the next stage of consultation?

Feedback has already been gather through:

2012  -  ‘Imagine Tomorrow’ Community Plan Consultation & Development

The input from the Community Plan showed a strong interest in Environmental issues within the community, particularly in areas of transport and biodiversity. Similarly, the community has a growing expectation for Council to act as an advocate and partner on issues within the environmental arena.

Now we are focusing on:

Living Green Plan Ideas Gathering

We ask for your input to help us grow the environmental directions for the City of Charles Sturt. What issues are you aware of? What actions should we consider taking?

Next we will:

Feb 2014  -  Actions Development Workshops

We’ll hold workshops with the community and within Council to determine how the ideas gathered can be developed into actions.

April 2014  -  Draft Living Green Plan

A Living Green plan will be available for consultation.

How do I ensure I get informed about the next stage of consultation?

Join the mailing list by registering on this time site. If you do not have email, contact Karrina on 8408 1111 and provide your details.

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