1. What is the purpose of this consultation?

Through various requests from the community, Council has recognised a need for a dog park in the north-western section of the Council area, particularly in Semaphore Park and Woodville West. 

This consultation aims to seek community feedback on the potential for a dog park to be constructed at two sites: Semaphore Park Reserve and Frank Mitchell Park.  

The consultation outcomes will assist in the development of concept designs and costings.  Depending on the consultation outcomes, Council may choose to construct dog parks at both sites, one site, or take a different approach. 

2. How have the sites been chosen?

The sites have been chosen based on a number of factors, including (but not limited to) community requests, size, current and potential future use and availability of car parking.  

3. Why build an enclosed dog park?

Dog parks are enclosed areas that are set aside exclusively for dogs and their owners.  They provide a space for dogs to socialise and exercise without the risk of impacting on the enjoyment of other park users.

Enclosed parks provide owners with more surety around the safety of their dog, especially for younger dogs who may still be in training. They allow owners to practice voice control of their dog in a secure environment.

4. What will the dog parks look like?

This community consultation will provide information to inform concept design and costing.   Whilst the exact layout and location of the dog parks are not yet determined, features typically include fencing, irrigated turf, paths, bins, dog waste bags, drinking fountains, seating and shelter.  The final designs and budget will be subject to further community consultation and Council approval.

5. Are there other dog parks in the City of Charles Sturt?

There are currently 5 dog parks in the City of Charles Sturt, as follows:

  • - Tedder Reserve, Findon
  • - Albert Greenshields, Ridleyton
  • - Sam Johnson Puppy Park, Renown Park
  • - St Clair Dog Park, Cheltenham Parade, St Clair
  • - Woodville Oval Dog Park, Oval Ave, Woodville

6. Are there plans for other dog parks in the City of Charles Sturt?

Council’s Open Space Strategy identifies the need for dog parks in the Henley Beach and Seaton areas, and suitable sites in these areas will be investigated in the future.  Dog parks at other locations will be investigated as needs and opportunities arise.

7. What will happen with my feedback?

Once the consultation period has ended, feedback will be reviewed and will inform the development of draft concept designs for the dog parks.  The feedback and draft designs will then be presented to Council for approval (in approximately October 2019). 

A second round of community consultation will then be undertaken later this year on the draft designs, and presented to Council to enable consideration of future funding for construction.

8. How can I get more information regarding dog parks in the City of Charles Sturt?

Please contact Council’s Open Space Planner on 8408 1203 or e-mail Council@charlessturt.sa.gov.au