What is a Dry Zone?

A dry zone is an area regulated by legislation, either on a long term or short term basis, where the consumption of alcohol or possession of an open container of alcohol is illegal.

Why are Dry Zone’s imposed?

Dry Zones are usually imposed to assist with unsavoury alcohol related behaviour within areas where such problems arise.

Their purpose is to control any negative impact [to the amenity of public areas] directly resulting from behaviour and/or related community problems through the misuse of liquor.

Reasons for their introduction range from public nuisance/drunkenness on public places.

Why is all of the City of Charles Sturt not a Dry Zone?

At present it is not believed that alcohol consumption or associated social behaviour warrants a total jurisdictional Dry Zone. The intention of long-term regulations it to ensure that popular areas used for family enjoyment and recreation are free from intimidation or disturbance from persons affected by alcohol.

What areas can be declared Dry Areas?

Parks, reserves, beaches, roads, public thoroughfares and other public places.

Are there other Dry Zones in South Australia?

Dry area prohibitions cover over twenty local government areas across South Australia and there are in excess of 80 long-term Dry Zones throughout the State.  A full listing of dry areas in South Australia is available here.