Why is the City of Charles Sturt developing a Public Health Plan?

The new South Australian Public Health Act 2011 began in 2012. Its main aim is to promote and protect public health and reduce the incidence of preventable illness, injury and disability in South Australia. It requires all South Australian Councils to develop a Public Health Plan.  At the City of Charles Sturt, we have developed our first draft plan and we are seeking your feedback.

What is Public Health?

Public Health is the health of individuals in the context of the wider health of the community. It involves a combination of policies, programs and safeguards designed to:

  • protect, maintain or promote the health of the community at large,
  • prevent or reduce the incidence of disease, injury or disability within the community.

Social, economic and environmental (physical and natural) factors influence public health. The diagram shows, at a broad level, some of the activities that the City of Charles Sturt is involved in that influence public health and well being.