What is the purpose of the project reference group?

The Project Reference Group was formed in December 2013 with the purpose of: 

  • Partnering with Council staff in a collaborative design process for the Coast Park project from Grange to Semaphore Park;
  • Collaboratively developing a range of Coast Park options and then reaching consensus on an agreed short list of options;
  • Working to refine short list options in preparation for broader community consultation to determine community preferences; and
  • Providing a liaison role and supporting two way communications between fellow group members, community leaders and other local community networks.

Who is in the group?

Project Reference Group to be comprised of the 29 local community members who represent the following groups: 

  • Coastal Ecology Protection Group Inc;
  • Western Adelaide Coastal Residents Association;
  • Sandpiper Dune Group;
  • Tennyson Dunes Group;
  • Wild Endangered Dunes Group;
  • SA Herpetology Group;
  • Port Adelaide Bicycle User Group;
  • Charles Sturt Bicycle User Group;
  • Charles Sturt Community Coastal Reference Group
  • Local residents; and
  • Independent community members.

How were members selected?

Community members who completed a registration sheet at the Speak Out consultation in 2013 and community members who participated in 2013 workshops were invited to join the group.

Will there be more opportunities for community members to get involved with the project?

Further opportunities will be provided for community involvement in the Coast Park project later in 2014.

The ‘Coast Park Speak Out #2’ large scale consultation event will be held later in the year to gather broad community feedback on preferred design option. An online consultation project will be held concurrently to gather online community member feedback on preferred option. These activities will be promoted on Councils website, in the Messenger newspaper, social media, on site signage and via mail out in the month prior to the activities.