Belmore Terrace is a local road that runs parallel to the Outer Harbor railway line between Woodville Road and David Terrace. It forms part of the Outer Harbor Greenway providing a walking and cycling link between the Adelaide CBD and Outer Harbor.

The road currently contains a series of traffic controls (driveway entry links) at the following intersections:

  • Belmore Terrace / Hughes Street North
  • Belmore Terrace / Park Street North
  • Belmore Terrace / Dale Street

The existing traffic controls require replacement as they have reached the end of their life, they don't comply with current standards and are not the most appropriate treatment for all users. We explored several options for the existing traffic controls considering the needs of vehicles, bike riders, pedestrians and adjacent land use and to facilitate increased cycling activity along the corridor.

Initially, a raised intersection treatment was presented to you for consideration in August 2018. While this
option was supported, some residents preferred to retain plants and landscaping. Based on the feedback
received, we developed an alternate option to upgrade the existing driveway entry treatments* to increase the area of landscaping to be retained and include a bicycle bypass on both sides of the treatment.

* At the Park Street North intersection, we proposed a raised pavement for both intersection options to
improve safety at this local precinct with high levels of pedestrian activity.

We undertook a second stage of consultation between 29 January 2019 to 12 February 2019, with the same
engagement catchment, including concept plans of the revised Raised Intersection treatments and a new concept for upgraded Driveway Entry Links. We had 55 responses to our survey, with 22 of these being from residents who are identified as directly affected by the project (i.e. residents or business operators within either Belmore Terrace, Hughes Street North, Park Street North or Dale Street). 16 people attended the Open Day on Tuesday 12 February 2019.

The survey identified that the wider engagement catchment gave a slightly higher preference for upgrading the existing Driveway Entry Treatments (new option), as this incorporated landscaping within the treatment, with several responses stating that neither option was preferred. This conflicts with responses from the 22 directly affected residents, who showed a preference for the raised intersection treatments (previous option).

A full Community Engagement Report, including survey responses data and additional information is available to view.

Modifications to the Design in Response to Stage 2 Community Engagement

We have considered the comments provided by the wider community showing a preference for a treatment which retains landscaping within the area, as well as the preference for raised intersections over driveway entry links by those considered to be directly affected by the treatments (residents of Belmore Terrace, Hughes Street North, Park Street North and Dale Street).

We have looked at the feasibility of providing a raised intersection platform within the existing road layout, whilst still meeting the guidelines set out by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and Australian Standards.

A revised design has been developed to incorporate resident preferences and requirements, which removes the existing driveway entry link component (the single lane slow point) at all three intersections while retaining the modified T-junction. This will allow the southern kerb to remain, which will retain a significant amount of landscaping at the intersection of Belmore Terrace and Park Street North and provide future opportunities for further community gardening at these locations..

Community Verge Planting

The existing community plantings within Belmore Terrace have been recognised by the community for their positive impact on the street amenity, and the cooling affect it has within the street.

The designs previously consulted on for raised intersections and modified driveway entry links would have resulted in a net loss of existing community planting of approximately 83m2 and approximately 63m2 respectively at the intersection of Belmore Terrace and Park Street north.

In comparison, the revised design will see a loss of approximately 38m2 of existing community planting at the intersection of Belmore Terrace and Park Street north and we are working with the community members who currently maintain this landscaping to investigate additional areas to where it can be relocated.

Council Decision

A report was presented to Council’s Asset Management Committee on 15 April 2019, providing a technical assessment of the treatment options, detailing both stages of consultation and its feedback, and presenting the revised design option.

The minutes of this Asset Management Committee meeting were considered by the full Council at its meeting on Tuesday 23 April 2019, at which, Council resolved to endorse the revised concept plan (being the modified T-junction) and to consult on the revised proposal. To read the full report go to

We now welcome any comments on the revised design

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    Kath Mardon, Community Engagement Officer
    PO Box 1, Woodville SA 5011
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